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  • This May 1-7, turn up the volume. It’s the 66th Annual CMHA Mental Health Week and we’re getting loud for mental health.

    During CMHA Mental Health Week, Canadians take the time to reflect on their mental health.

    But we do more than just reflect. We get loud about it.

    This year during CMHA Mental Health Week, Canadians are speaking up: we’ve been in line for mental health care for way too long. We can’t wait anymore. We are literally sick of waiting. But we’re not only waiting for mental health care. To be truly mentally well, Canadians also need psychotherapy, counselling and community-based mental health services and programs; we need acknowledgement and respect; and we need adequate housing. This CMHA Mental Health Week, May 1-7, Canadians are writing their MPs, speaking out on social media, and donating our time and money, all in the name of getting loud for mental health.